the benefits of creative practice

Why start a journaling practice? What's the benefit?

That simple act of writing, drawing, or reflecting creatively can support memory, improved sleep, generate ideas to solve problems, build confidence, cultivate compassion and joy, and generally acts as a map through life. (Map journal, anyone?)

I define journaling as a practice of "creative reflection," or a process of using a combination of writing, drawing, lists, or notes to fill up those blank pages. There's no wrong way to practice, and through repeating the process over time, you'll start to notice the benefits start to emerge. 

  • Benefit #1: Clarity
    Creative reflection - writing, drawing, or reflecting - is a way to ideate and refine. What might start as a messy idea gets considered until it's refined; like a sculpture carving details from rough rock into detailed stone, creative reflection (like journaling) can help us clarify our ideas in life by writing about them again and again. 

    (Try our Spiral Notebooks for your clarifying, sketching, and ideating) 

  • Benefit #2: Creativity
    Inspiration is everywhere, and notebooks give us a place to reflect & gather. To build creative awareness, spend a week writing about what inspires you. What does it feel like to be inspired? When were you most inspired, and what inspired you throughout your day? Try these prompts and notice what you create. 

    (I like a Pocket-size Map Journals tucked in bags, back pockets, or on nightstands for whenever inspiration strikes) 

  • Benefit #3: Connection 
    Journaling is a way we can connect with ourselves, our unconscious minds, and experiences in the world. Whether you write daily, weekly, or only a few times a year, creative reflection gives you a way to ground into your life and to connect with the things you care about. To cultivate connection, try a timed writing exercise, writing or drawing about what you're connected to right now. 

    (Try the Heirloom Collection for your morning writing, or connecting with what matters at the end of the day) 

Of course, the benefits you experience might be different from year to year or day to day. If you turn to writing, what are the positive benefits you notice? 

. . . . 

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