classes and events:

photo by justin timothy temple, 2023  

Join Odette Press founder and artist Kelly Odette Laughlin for her creative experiences in and around NYC. Kelly brings warmth, enthusiasm, and over a decade of teaching to her in person and online workshops and events. Learn bookbinding, journaling, meditation, and suminagashi paper marbling with us and enliven your creative practice for your community or workplace. 

photo by justin timothy temple, 2023  



our full calendar of creative experiences

Visit the calendar to learn more, book a bookbinding session with us for your remote team with us through marco experiences, or email to schedule your own workshop. Looking for something for home practice? Try our class recording library + view the calendar for upcoming events in NYC, online, and beyond. 

Find us on instagram @odettepress for updates on markets and behind the scenes process. 


Upcoming markets: 

  • Ottobar Night Market 4/14 Baltimore, Maryland