our creative classes empower you to start, nourish, and continue your creative reflective practices. 

hi! i'm kelly, the founder of odette press, the artist behind it all, and the teacher and guide of your creative experiences. 

i believe that everyone is capable of abundant, expansive and creative things -- and is why i love teaching and guiding you through your creative journey.  

through these virtual and in person experiences, creativity, reflection, and wonder come alive. dig into your reflective roots and build a journaling practice, or activate your creative side with bookbinding, suminagashi, and other methods for creative nourishment.

i've spent the past decade and beyond leading, teaching, and guiding people throughout their creative process all across the globe. my joy place is to guide you in finding a balance between effort, ease, and finding that flow. these classes will ground, guide, and support you in starting and sustaining your creativity. 

visit the calendar to learn more about classes and enroll today (you'll be taken to a separate website) 

book with me through marco experiences

to schedule your own class (for individuals, teams, or organizations) please send an email

current classes include: 

beginner's journaling

earth day journaling: writing to ground 

journaling for love

journaling for intention

build your journaling practice 

grounded in gratitude: journaling and meditation 

bookbinding from home: pamphlet stitch

hardcover bookbinding (coptic stitch, french link stitch, case binding) 

suminagashi from home: japanese paper marbling 

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for markets and other events: please reach out with any market or vending inquiries to kelly by email. we love markets!