kelly odette laughlin is an a teaching artist, writer, bookbinder, curious thinker and the founder of odette press. started on a solo road trip in 2018 with travel, expansion, landscape, and expression in mind, odette press was founded with the intention to connect to creativity, wonder, the earth, and each other through thoughtful paper goods. 

our journals and cards are made by hand in our meandering studio from start to finish. these slowly crafted paper goods combine traditional techniques in unique and expansive ways. 

odette press is a collection of marbled paper goods and a creative community: explore classes in brooklyn and beyond, work with our founder 1:1, or subscribe to our newsletter on substack (listen to the newletters on spotify

find more on our process over at instagram

sustainability and sourcing 

as often as possible, odette press products and packages are created with local economies and the earth in mind. 

shop wholesale on faire, book with us on marco, and contact the studio below to schedule a workshop at your shop or special event.