Odette Press is a collection of thoughtful, sustainably-minded marbled paper goods and creative wellness classes founded, made, and facilitated by artist kelly odette laughlin (she/her)

born on the road and made to support you in the process of connecting to creativity, wonder, and each other, Odette Press was founded in 2017 with travel, expansion, and expression in mind.

whether you're connecting to yourself, the ones you love, or to the wonder of the earth around you, each Odette Press piece is infused with the intention to support and inspire you on your path of self discovery through creative reflective practices. 

the process: 

each Odette Press design begins with suminagashi marbling,  the centuries-old Japanese process of painting on water.

each marbled card is made in a specific environment (as a meditation on place) and each journal is hand marbled, hand bound, and one of a kind, made with locally sourced materials.

every Odette Press product is thoughtfully considered, crafted with care, and one of a kind.

Odette Press cards, journals, newsletter, and classes are spaces for connection, creativity, and community -- and we're so happy you're here. 

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classes and events 

our creative classes serve as grounding, empowering experiences and are meant to hold space for wonder and joy in your exploration of process and creative practice. we host public and private classes in suminasgashi, bookbinding, and multiple styles of journaling for individual clients, corporate teams, and for anyone interested in finding playful dedication in art and reflective practices. please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all classes are currently held remotely via zoom. 

sustainability and sourcing 

as often as possible, each of our products (from books to journals all the way to packaging) are created with our sacred earth in mind, utilizing USA made paper, sustainably sourced packaging and shipping materials, and practicing reuse / recycling. we prioritize supporting women, queer, and bipoc-owned small businesses as often as possible. 

for more information on wholesale, events, sustainable practices, and custom orders, please email us