hi, i'm kelly. i'm an artist, writer, curious thinker and the founder of odette press. started on a solo road trip four years ago with travel, expansion, nature, and expression in mind, odette press was born out in the world with the intention to support us all in the process of connecting to creativity, wonder, the earth, and each other.

throughout my life i've come to see the value and necessity in creative, reflective practice as ways to find grounding and inspiration throughout the process of life. i studied printmaking and book arts at the maryland institute college of art, and vinyasa yoga and meditation after graduating. i'm not a therapist, but through my own life, practice, and inquiry, i've experienced first hand the inspiring and supportive benefits of writing and creative practice. i started writing and drawing as soon as i could hold a pencil, and i've been using these hands paired with this curious, creative mind ever since. 

i began practicing suminagashi, the japanese art of marbling, over a decade ago, when i was on the edge of giving up art entirely. why art? why now? why is this important? i asked myself, until the questions gave way to insight. through movement, meditation, the suminagashi process, and spending more time outside, i discovered the power and necessity of the creative process, and came home to my life and its creative core in the process. now, i guide people and teams across the globe to be with their creative, reflective selves through reflection, bookbinding, embodiment, meditation, and art

whether you turn to your notebook or a notecard for personal, professional, or creative reasons, these slow, intentional paper goods are here to support you throughout your own journey.

thoughtfulness and intention are at our core here at odette press, from traveling to packaging to material sourcing. when we say handmade, we mean it: all our journals, cards, and classes start with tactile experience, traditional techniques, and thoughtful tools. all our journals are marbled and bound by hand in my studio in baltimore, maryland, sent to you made and packaged with great care. 

whether you're connecting to yourself, the ones you love, or to the wonder of the earth around you, all of our pieces are infused with the intention to support and inspire you on your path of self discovery through creative reflective practices. 

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classes and events 

odette press creative classes serve as grounding, empowering experiences. i love to hold space for wonder and joy in your exploration of process and creative practice.i facilitate public and private online and in person classes. read through the full list of experiences

sustainability and sourcing 

as often as possible, odette press products and packages are created with this earth in mind. we prioritize supporting queer, and bipoc-owned small businesses as workshops, stockists, and events. for more information on wholesale, events, and custom projects, please send an email