medium map journal | sumac
medium map journal | sumac

medium map journal | sumac

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MAP JOURNALS are hand marbled, one of a kind spaces for your writing, drawing, and reflection.

map your way to your inner landscapes, connect to the outer world. 

each notebook is hand marbled, hand stitched, lovingly crafted, and one of a kind -- no two covers are the same. 

inside each journal, 24 blank, smooth pages of michigan-made paper wait for your thoughts, dreams, and ideas. 

MEDIUM MAP JOURNALS are perfect for gratitude lists, travel planning, lecture notes, reminders to breathe, and make for an excellent bag or briefcase companion. 

write to find yourself, write to find center. 


5” x 6.25”
24 pages of smooth, off white, blank paper 
saddle bound with staples
hand marbled cardstock covers

note: due to the handmade nature of the marbling process, each cover will be slightly different.