medium map journal | honey
medium map journal | honey

medium map journal | honey

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MAP JOURNALS are blank, hand marbled, hand stitched journals: places for you to map your way through life. 

Reminiscent of topographical maps, each journal begins with breath and ink, using the Japanese process of suminagashi-style paper marbling to create each one of a kind pattern on the cover.

We call them map journals for the way we write, draw, or map our ways through all of life's topographies, terrains, and experiences.

. . . . . . . 

 MEDIUM MAP JOURNALS are sturdy, blank journals in our most popular size.

this journal is a favorite for vow books, reading notes, project ideas, and make for an excellent bag or briefcase companion. thrown into a bag or brought with across landscapes, it will soften over time. 

HONEY is sweet, warm, golden brown. 


5” x 6.25”
24 pages of smooth, off white, blank paper 
saddle bound with staples
hand marbled cardstock covers

note: due to the handmade nature of the marbling process, each cover will be slightly different.