standard map journal | hillside
standard map journal | hillside
standard map journal | hillside

standard map journal | hillside

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MAP JOURNALS are hand marbled, hand stitched and one of a kind spaces for your writing and reflecting. 

the journals begin with breath and ink: using the Japanese process of suminagashi-style paper marbling, ink is suspended on the water's surface, moved by breath or tool. 

each MAP JOURNAL cover paper is gently laid on the water's surface, making a unique print. 

once dried, each notebook cover is folded, pressed, and bound by hand using traditional bookbinding techniques, finished on a table-top guillotine cutter. 

inside each journal is an expanse of forty blank, smooth, soft white pages of usa-made paper wait for your thoughts, dreams, and ideas. 

. . . . . . . 

STANDARD MAP JOURNALS are sturdy, blank journals in our largest size.

this journal is perfect for vast dreams, expressive writing, stories to tell, landscapes to remember, and writing or drawing with pen, marker, or pencil. 

pairs well with a mug of coffee, a favorite blanket, a morning ritual, reflections from an airplane seat, or writing from a favorite nook or desk. thrown into a bag or brought with across landscapes, it will soften over time. 


STANDARD 5" x 8.5"

40 blank sheets, 80 pages of smooth, soft white paper 
hand marbled cardstock covers made with black ink 
center stitched by hand with 5 ply waxed linen thread 
michigan-made paper 

note: due to the marbling process, each marbled design will be slightly different.