the heirloom book | hardcover journal
the heirloom book | hardcover journal
the heirloom book | hardcover journal
the heirloom book | hardcover journal

the heirloom book | hardcover journal

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winter collection | 2023 

reflecting on birthdays, notes to keep, milestones, sketches, rituals, intentions, storytelling, travel tales, your most meaningful memories, the HEIRLOOM COLLECTION was made just for you. 

each book is sewn, glued, marbled, and assembled entirely by hand with great care along the way. 

each HEIRLOOM BOOK is meant to last: made from durable, rich, and sustainable materials, sewn using traditional bookbinding methods, this journal is a space for meaning-making, for memory gathering, for safe keeping. as often as possible, we source from small, local, usa-made materials. 

each HEIRLOOM BOOK features a hand sewn text block with 64 blank pages for all of your writing, drawing, or reflecting nestled in cloth covered boards, held together with hand marbled end pages using the ancient japanese process of suminagashi.

the HEIRLOOM BOOK is great for drawing, pen writing, pencil sketching, collage, and light wet media usage and pairs well with a mug of tea, a long story, gratitude practice, a landscape drawing, or a long road adventure. 


4.5" x 5.5" 
hardcover journal with book cloth covers
64 blank pages of smooth, michigan-made, soft white paper 
reinforced spine sewn with waxed linen thread and japanese papers 
hand marbled, recycled, michigan-made hemp paper end pages 

The fourth edition of the HEIRLOOM BOOK comes in eight colors: 

  • grass green
  • sage green
  • barn red
  • fig purple
  • slate blue 
  • midnight navy 
  • oat tan 
  • marigold orange 

please note: as each of these books is handmade, slight variations may occur with the design of the marbled papers. heirloom books will ship in 1-2 days.